Consignments: General Consignments are accepted M W Th F S during normal business hours. Clothing is accepted M W F. If you are a new consignor this convenience might mean a slight wait as we do not have an appointment schedule. NOTHING IS accepted on TUESDAY.

Large items such as dining room sets, sofas, and dressers must have advance notice. Providing a picture of furniture is a convenient way to preauthorize your consignment. We do offer furniture pickup if needed.


We are very selective about what we accept and we advise our consignors to carefully bring their items in. Only seasonal clothing that is currently in style, clean, pressed and on hangers will be accepted. Items that are creased, soiled, have cigarette/musty odors will not be accepted and will be removed without notice. We do not accept shoes for consignment. All clothing will be reduced by 50% after 30 days.

We determine the prices necessary to sell your items within the 90 day consignment period. If you have a threshold, you must be sure to communicate that clearly upon drop off. For items of a larger value we will discuss a selling strategy with you prior to placing the item in inventory.

Thank you for consigning with us. we will do our best to get a fair price for your items. Our Agreement should help provide clarification, but we are available should you have further questions.

Consignor Agreement

  1. General Consignments are accepted M W Th F S during normal business hours. Clothing is accepted M W F. Please limit the number of clothing consignments to no more than 10 items per visit. By bringing no more than 10 items, you will ensure your consignments are processed in a timely manner.
  2. Consignors receive 40 percent of the sale price on clothing, accessories and costume jewelry. Consignors receive 50 percent of the sale price on furniture and home accessories.
  3. Consigned merchandise will be placed on the sales floor for 90 days. Clothing will be placed on floor for 60 days. It is up to the Consignor to retrieve any unsold items. Items not picked up will be donated to charity.
  4. Consignors agree to leave items at Where’d You Get That at their own risk. Where’d You Get That will not be responsible for any stolen or damaged items or misplaced items.
  5. Consignor payments are to be picked up at the store by specific inquiry. In the event this is a hardship, a stamped addressed envelope may be provided for mailing. You will not be contacted regarding routine activity. Consignors may come in, call or visit the website to monitor.
  6. Payment is made on demand for the full balance through the date the payout is made. Consignors with balances due above $10 will be listed in the consignor payout section of this web site which shall be updated on the 1st of each month. Balances are maintained for one year and any money due a consignor that is over that time shall be forfeited.

Questions? Beth Hancock at (843) 379-4900.

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